One of the many important challenges of the modern world is the greenhouse effect of CO2. It is necessary to implement solutions that will eliminate it. Since the easiest way to eliminate the greenhouse effect is to reduce hydrocarbons fuel consumption, it is important to evaluate the fuel (energy) consumption in long term operation. The article presents a proposal for the use of the so-called vehicle energy footprint. The method of creating such a trace is presented and illustrated with specific results of data analyzes. The data is publicly available, which means that the presented method can be independently verified. It has also been shown that the use of the method not only organizes the analyzes, but also leads to information that cannot be obtained with other methods. It therefore seems that an attractive tool has been developed for future applications.
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Indicator Method for Determining the Emissivity of Road Transport Means from the Point of Supplied Energy
Piotr Pryciński, Róża Wawryszczuk, Jarosław Korzeb, Piotr Pielecha
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