Biofuels represent one of the alternatives to obtain the CO2-neutral propulsion of IC-engines. Butanol, which can be produced from biomass, is considered and was investigated in the last years due to the very advantageous characteristics of this alternative fuel. Butanol can be easily and irreversibly blended both with light (gasoline) and heavier (Diesel) fuels. Comparing with ethanol it has the advantages of: higher calorific value, lower hygroscopicity and lower corrosivity. It can replace the aviation fuels. This paper presents the emission results obtained on two Diesel passenger cars with different technology (Euro2 and Euro6c) and with addition of Butanol to Diesel fuel, as a part of the research project DiBut (Diesel and Butanol). Interesting results are given about some non-legislated (non-regulated) components, Acetaldehyde (MeCHO) and Formaldehyde (HCHO) and about the PN-emissions with/without DPF.
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