Numerical method of vibroacoustic estimators analysis in a frequency domain for IC engine
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Publication date: 2013-09-01
Combustion Engines 2013,154(3), 25-33
The paper describes the assessment of the main processes taking place in a IC engine. The article concerns vibroacoustic processes. Authors chosen vibration ones to the research. In view of the characteristics that the above processes have for the diagnosis of the slow andfast processes taking place during combustion, it was necessary to take into account them for periodic and on-line analyses of technical state and correctness of the engine dynamic processes run. Evaluations of the possibility of the method application were performed in the point of view of the diagnostic analysis and its use in the diagnostic system for combustion process and in the aspect of the limitation of excessive emission sources (occurred by incorrect processes runs or by functional characteristics decrease of the object or by potential failures of the elements and subassemblies during exploitation). Method analysis of vibration acceleration generated in an engine, basing on diagnostics theory use, with the help of which quantitive components obtained from the frequency-domain processes runs were searched. Diagnostic estimators were the measures of the quantity assessment, changes of which were the subject ofpresented analyses. Limits and qualification guidelines of an incorrect process are also in a paper. Diagnostic algorithms of misfire detection for the present and future vehicles combustion engines (also for hybrid vehicles) and in the aspect of OBDIII or OBMsystems application are taken into account.
The assessment of the technical condition of SO-3 engine turbine blades using an impulse test
Julia Milewicz, Daniel Mokrzan, Grzegorz Szymański
Combustion Engines
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