The worldwide aim of reducing environmental impact from internal combustion engines bring more and more stringent emission regulations. In 2017 by EU has been adopted new harmonized test procedure called WLTP. In general terms this test was designed for determining the levels of harmful emissions and fuel consumption of traditional and hybrid cars. This procedure contains specific driving scenarios which representing real-life driving patterns. Test cycles contain vehicle velocity versus time profiles and directly in powertrain analysis on the test benches cannot be used. In order to back calculate drive cycles to engine rpm versus torque profiles a simple longitudinal vehicle dynamics method was used in this paper. Moreover, in order to determine most representative engine operation points duing WLTP a density based grid clustering method was implemented. The experimental part of the study focuses on the comparative evaluation of the effect of various diesel to LPG substitution ratios (0% LPG, 10% LPG, 20% LPG and 30% LPG) on combustion and emission characteristics of dual-fuel diesel engine.
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