The article describes the problem of measuring the temperature in a pulse combustion chamber. The object of the study is a valveless pulsejet. The problem is analysed on the example of exhaust gases temperature measurement. The measurement in these conditions requires the use of a sensor resistant to large changes in gas velocity and temperature and at the same time with adequatly low inertia. This excludes the use of fast and precise yet thin, resistant wire sensors or ultrafast thin film thermocouples. Finally, a temperature measurement system based on sheated thermocouples was chosen. During each test the thermocouple has its own temperature which is different from the medium temperature. In order to properly determine the measured temperature of flowing media it is necessary to take the sensor time characteristics into account. In this article the iteration method is proposed to solve this problem.
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Evaluation of the influence of the opening pressure of a marine Diesel engine injector on the results of numerical simulation of the working cycle and their comparison with the results of the laboratory experiment
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