The approximated dynamic vehicle characteristics constructed based on the driving tests
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Publication date: 2011-11-01
Combustion Engines 2011,146(3), 38-44
The paper presents the issue of the construction of the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions dynamic characteristics based on the data obtained during the NEDC and FTP-75 driving tests. The results presented in the publication are based on the tests of a class C vehicle, performed in a certified exhaust emissions laboratory. The distributions of engine crankshaft accelerations as a function of its speed for both tests at 1-second intervals have been collated. At these points the measurements of the exhaust emissions were carried out. The authors described the conditions in which modal measurements of the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in both tests were carried out. The results of the measurements were used for the construction of the approximated characteristics being the functions of velocity and acceleration of the engine crankshaft. Based on the obtained measuring results the approximated dynamic characteristics of the emissions of the four main exhaust components have been developed and the approximations were done with the use of the third order functions. An analysis of the obtained results has been performed and the authors presented the differences resulting from the construction of the above characteristics based on the combined data from the NEDC and FTP-75 tests and each of the tests separately. Moreover, the differences between the data obtained from the individual tests have been presented and evaluated graphically. The obtained results have been summarized and evaluated.
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