Study of Atkinson cycle in two-stroke diesel engine with opposed pistons
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Publication date: 2019-07-01
Combustion Engines 2019,178(3), 121–128
The paper presents possibilities of change working parameters of two-stroke diesel engine with opposed pistons. Obtaining of higher engine efficiency is realized by applying of Atkinson cycle. Modification of scavenging process by changing pistons position connecting with two crankshafts enables asymmetrical scavenge timing. Decreasing of shorter time of closing exhaust ports before compression process and longer expansion process give higher engine work and with high charging ratio increases engine power. These types of engines are recently recommended for power plant stations. The paper includes full analysis of engine work with scavenge and combus-tion processes for different timing phases based on geometry of the CI Leyland L60 engine by using of CFD modelling and own 0D model. Simulation tests indicate a high scavenge efficiency, good penetration of injected fuel and fast combustion process. The work contains figures of pressure, temperature traces and emission of main chemical species in exhaust gases with comparison of engine works for different timing phases. Atkinson cycle in two-cycle work of engine and full combustion process enables to achieve high total efficiency. The study is an input for realization of such processes in a future of power plant engines with different fuelling systems.