The article presents the directions of development of drive systems in trucks. A database of vehicles and their technical data was developed. This data contains information about the drivetrain configuration. The external characteristics of the engines and the structure of the drivetrain were analyzed. It was found that the factors determining development are primarily economic and ecological aspects. It was noticed that, based on the configuration of the drive system, vehicles can be divided according to their purpose and type of transport. Vehicles intended for international transport are characterized by low gears and engines that achieve high torque at low engine speeds. Construction vehicles and vehicles intended for oversize transport are characterized by large gear ratios and torque amplification systems. The structure of electric vehicle drive systems is different from conventional vehicles. Gearboxes usually have two gears, drive axles may have integrated engines located next to the main gear or in the final drive position. The study also made it possible to outline the problem of the short range of such cars and the need for further work on increasing it.
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Refrigerator tests with a power-generating axle - up to 9 hours of pause without turning on the diesel (Testy chłodni z osią generującą prąd – nawet 9 godzin pauzy bez włączania diesla – in Polish).
SAF-Holland E-axle Family from SAF.
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