The paper describes the results of the wear test of innovative sets of piston rings intended, among others, to drive diesel locomotives operated in North America, including the USA. The main subject of research is an innovative set of piston rings, the first sealing ring containing a synthetic diamond embedded in a porous chrome coating. The developed multilayer coating is designed to reduce the wear of the piston rings and the combustion engine cylinder. This technology has been implemented at Piston Rings Manufactory "Prima" S.A. in Łódź. The tests were carried out using a two-stroke diesel engine of the EMD 645 type. This engine is manufactured by General Motors Corporation in the United States. The described research was carried out in the United States in San Antonio, Texas, at the Southwest Research Institute. The EMD 645 engine is widely used in power units of heavy diesel locomotives and inland waterway barges in the United States of America, India, and South Africa.
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